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Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

For data-driven companies, taking control of the cloud is very crucial. Use our cloud consulting services to create a hybrid cloud strategy that drives cost effectiveness, enhances productivity, amplifies flexibility and generates chances for innovation.

We are in partnership with the top most cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle.

Choosing the best cloud provider can be complicated. Being the partners of these top most cloud service providers, we maximize your cloud investment by providing solutions in the most effective way. Our team of consultants and developers will work one-on-one with you to create the best user experience and determine your business’s needs, customer’s habits, and the benefits you can achieve with any of these cloud service providers. Furthermore, we will streamline the process, give guidance and help you assess the best features and functions to make your integration successful.

Data migration is very tricky in today’s complex business environment. This task includes estimating a total number of tables, indexes, views, objects, and other things to be converted by taking into consideration specific requirements & business processes that may be affected. We provide you with the best migration strategy that meets the needs of your data and business and make migration easy and less intimidating.